South Carolina Virtual Schools

Virtual Schools in South Carolina

Tuition-free online public school programs arise in different forms and sizes: the South Carolina Department of Education runs VirtualSC, a free distance learning program now serving pupils registered in every single kind of school. Furthermore, the South Carolina Public Charter School District has accredited five online charter schools listed in the article.

South Carolina schoolchildren are able to use computer-generated classes accessible in other states like Florida’s Virtual School. Certain schools will help families in purchasing the equipment and devices required to support virtual learning.

More Facts:

  • VirtualSC offers approximately 100 various courses for high school credit, comprising Advanced Placement, professional growth, technology, and international languages.
  • The total of registered pupils served has peaked over the last years, from 7,262 online learners in 2009 to 39,645 schoolchildren in the course of the 2015-16 school year.

Contact your online school to learn more about Admission information for virtual schools connected with the SCPCSD and how to relocate credits between schools.

Public and private virtual schools

Online schools are frequently confused with home education. Definitely, there might be some likenesses; however, there are certain vital differences concerning legitimacies and subsidy. The regulations that manage these schools differ from Home schools. Funding is dissimilar since public finance is not accessible to homeschooling students.

Note: Virtual Schools are definitely not NOT Home Schools. If your child is registered in one of these courses, you should not join a homeschool association.

If conventional school is not the best option for your kid…there are learning alternatives in South Carolina.

Homeschool education is one alternative to the customary school. In homeschooling, mothers pick the program, keep lesson plans, and allocate marks. The parent is the educator, counselor, and social worker. There is a number of programs and materials to choose from– and all this may be overwhelming. Home school is not the best option for every student.

Another option to a conventional school is Charter Online School. In these types of schools, there is a fixed program and an instructor who operates the course. The parent will support as a coach. Charter Online school could be a lasting alternative for your children. Or else you may find it is a convenient transition between physical school and home school.

Public Charter Virtual Schools

One option is to try a Public Charter Virtual School located in the South Carolina Charter School District

There are seven online Charter Schools. They are all tuition-free, state, virtual public schools – with full-time registration. These are accepted as state schools, so you will not have to enroll with a homeschooling organization.

  1. Odyssey Online Learning proposes a solid knowledge that involves qualified, state-certified instructors and an Academic Advisor who guides every learner as he progresses within the school years. It is also applicable to homeless youth to enable access to worthy schooling possibilities to them.

Grades 9–12, Curriculum by K12

  1. South Carolina Connections Academy is an online, public education for schoolchildren in grades K-12 who seek alternatives beyond the conventional classroom.
  2. Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC) and K12 flare up the minds of kids to bring acquiring and inborn possibilities alive. Linked, they are assisting South Carolina children in grades K–12 gain their true, individual potential.

Grades K–11, Curriculum by K12

  1. South Carolina Public Charter Schools (SCVCS) is a virtual, tuition-free state school that is employed by the South Carolina Public Charter School District in 2008. SCVCS applies for the K12 program and patented virtual schooling curriculum. SCVCS and K12 offer an economical, personalized kindergarten up to twelfth-grade high school program.
  2. SC Whitmore School re-engages schoolchildren, who are “at-risk”, as well as pupils who would like to speed up, in a personal, virtual mastery-based educational environment. This is an exclusive school in the state to propose a prolonged school year without semesters, making it perfect for learners whose timetables made it impossible to attend a standard state school.

Grades 9-12

Private Virtual Online Schools

Some people may choose a Private Virtual School Online:

These schools are certified private schools with tuition fees. Several have full-time and part-time admission possibilities. The distinction line between homeschool and the private school gets indistinct with part-time registration and making a hybrid school prospect.

Most of these virtual programs do not fulfill obligatory attendance laws in SC, so you may want to register with a liability association. Address your district counselor to see if these part-time programs are permitted under their rules.

Calvert Academy is a certified, private distance education school for pupils in 5th grade up to High School. This comprehensive, diploma-providing course combines the suppleness of homeschooling with a demanding academic syllabus. It also offers course packages to homeschooling children.

Grades 5-12

K12 International Academy is a private virtual K–12 school, which is fully accredited, and which releases children from overwhelmed timetables, lessons that are too speedy or too unhurried, bullying, and other issues that hinder success. Pupils can register full-time or in one of 240 self-motivated distance courses.

Grades K–12

George Washington University is the only institution that supplements its fine project together with the Journeys Symposium—an exclusive, life-, skills- -training. Learners will get a fully personalized syllabus, established by reliable specialists from George Washington and K12.

Grades 6-12

Keystone School provided adaptable schooling curriculum for secondary school and elementary learners that enable each learner to achieve their exclusive visions and aims. No matter your child wishes to study full-time or individually, Keystone proposes around 170 subjects from credit recovery to foreign languages and AP. Pupils can register at any time.

Grades K-12

Liberty University Online (LUOA) provides classes with a Christian concept and stress on personalized schooling. Lesson teaching is delivered in a computerized format. While coursework enhances self-learning, parental supervision is still important. Parental observation of pupil progress on a daily basis is highly motivated.

Grades K-12

Public and Private Virtual schools differ from Home education. The rulings regulating each school selection is very diverse. Yet, equally legal. That is why if home school is not the best option for you, think about one of the mentioned Virtual Schools in place of it.