National University Virtual High School

Approved Course Offerings

As a distance school, NUVHS finalized a two-step procedure for UC approval of a-g program. The virtual school was first accepted in 2008 as a virtual course provider, thus enabling part-time learners to complete syllabi with NUVHS and allocate the subjects to their high schools with the aim of meeting a-g requirements. The next step was submitting every single course for sanction. NUVHS has obtained a-g approval for 39-semester courses and has submitted the program annually for supplementary endorsements. Meeting a-g requirements guarantees that schoolchildren are prepared for university-level education and have a solid basis in all subject ranges.

Awaited Demonstration course!

Before enrolling in a virtual course, pupils should question themselves if they are the ones who would succeed in the virtual surrounding. Some schoolchildren prefer face-to-face tutoring carried out in a real classroom at a fixed time and day. Other children choose to work self-sufficiently, explore new subjects alone, and appreciate engaging with new technologies.

Learners who favor the virtual atmosphere usually do not want a lot of in-person communication. They are typically highly encouraged and may even finish work before a deadline. Whereas they may value group debates, they are also contented seeking answers on their own and can work without any reminders concerning deadlines.

Virtual classes offered at NUVHS can be carried out in an enhanced format, but do not necessitate any less time than an on-campus course. Learners should be ready to spend 12-15 hours a week on average in their distance course—revising lectures, finalizing tasks, joining in discussion boards, making projects, and doing tests. It is highly recommended to work on the virtual course on a daily basis and submit work on time so that tutors can deliver an assessment of the acquired knowledge.

Available Courses

At National University Virtual High School (NUVHS), all educational courses are university-preparatory and meet high school graduation requirements. Furthermore, the school offers College Board ratified AP® courses and the University of California (UC a-g) accepted subjects for California inhabitants who intend to meet UC or CSU college admittance requirements.

Many of the basic and elective courses for pupil-athletes are permitted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). NUVHS is locally accredited by ACS WASC and AdvanceED.

All NUVHS courses are corresponding to a high school class and can be finished in four or maximum 16-24 weeks, dependent on the registration date, the duration of the school term, and a pupil’s pacing.

All NUVHS courses are offered to the learner by the subject area. The subjects can be selected by the subject range, or by approving association. For other subject offerings, the areas below can be selected:

EARLY COLLEGE (College level subjects available to high school children)

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Program comparable to Middle School available to pupils in 6th-8th grade)

Early College Program

National University Virtual High School has collaborated with National University to offer eligible pupils the opportunity to take college-level broad learning classes at a discounted tuition rate. Earning college credit preceding high school completion contributes to readiness, accessibility, and financial savings headed for a degree or certification program in university.

Online schooling students can select 100- and 200-level college classes to:

  • Receive reduced tuition of $600 per class (a $1,665 value) for online classes
  • Accelerate one-course-per-month format
  • Access expanded educational offerings for primarily juniors and seniors
  • Minimize time to degree for post-secondary education
  • Satisfy high school requirements while earning direct college credit
  • Strengthen college applications

Online classes meet the criteria for high school graduation and taking college-level classes that are transferable to other locally accredited institutions of higher education.

NUVHS and NU are student-centered, nonprofit schools, with all schoolchildren having access to college services, such as the university library and the career center.

Freedom to Study

Virtual high school courses give young learners the chance to manage their learning individually. Your kid has the prospective to go further in life, and it all begins by creating a firm academic basis. Give your offspring access to qualified instructors, demanding college-prep classes, and the choice to learn the way they would like to.

NUVHS offers over 100 main subjects, elective, and AP courses in a collaborative learning setting. As the demand for new virtual courses rises, NUVHS continues to increase course offerings to meet the shifting needs of schoolchildren. All programs meet or exceed the latest Common Core State Standards.

Each NUVHS course covers a standard semester’s plan, and you may begin both first and second term courses any time through the year.

The highpoints of student-centered educational courses include:

  • Open admission for spring, fall, or summer semesters
  • Attention to pupils’ preferred educational styles
  • Adaptability to complete courses at an adapted pace
  • Lecturer-led classes delivered by certified tutors
  • A syllabus that meets Common Core State Standards
  • Small classroom sizes for an energetic atmosphere
  • 24/7 access to tech support, and library and help desk
  • Active interaction with teachers
  • Right to use one of the nation’s major e-libraries
  • Full-time admission to receive a high school diploma

National University Virtual High School is dedicated to preparing pupils for university and professional growth, by providing the best probable learning to reach their educational objectives.


NUVHS is ratified by (NCAA) and (NAIA). NUVHS holds NCAA approval for all principal courses, allowing learner sportsmen to meet primary eligibility requirements for involvement in athletics. All courses meet or surpass the common main state criteria for admissions to a University of California or California State University, and all Advanced Placement (AP®) courses are sanctioned by the College Board.

NUVHS holds district accreditation by WASC-ACS and AdvancED. NUVHS also obtained more than 40 individual University of California (UC) “a-g” course approvals and is a sanctioned virtual course provider, which means the program has demonstrated to be educationally challenging, with a solid focus on realistic content, critical thinking and the improvement of reading, verbal, and audial skills. Pupils who pass 15 a-g courses with a C or higher are qualified to join a California University.


Graduation Requirements and Reward:

Full-time students with NUVHS must complete a minimum of 6 courses per semester, or 12 courses per academic year. Pupils complete 230 credits in the programmed subjects to meet minimum graduation requirements (based upon Education Code 51225).

Nevertheless, learners seeking to apply to four-year universities are encouraged to pursue additional credits, complete academic electives, and select Advanced Placement (AP) options, when available, to meet college entrance requirements.

Seeing graduates is a rewarding experience for the whole community of instructors, parents, and schoolchildren. A bright, glossy diploma at the end makes it all worth it. Full-time students typically participate in the spring commencement ceremony, where they are recognized for their academic achievement.