Illinois Virtual School (IVS)

IVS is the statewide online school of the State Board of Education of Illinois (ISBE). ISBE founded IVS as a supplemental distance school. The program of IVS is designed to help high school learners who are registered in a state school to advance their learning by taking courses necessary for academic growth.

A school partnership with IVS provides:

  • a chance for pupils to choose courses not accessible in their school, including Advanced Placement, foreign languages, and other enhancement opportunities;
  • flexibility in subject arrangement with registration terms;
  • credit recovery possibilities for schoolchildren to graduate on time; and
  • personalized instruction that takes place at any time and place by tutor managed courses.

What IVS Offers

IVS offers two distant education course programs to meet the learners’ needs. It provides quality, virtual programs to Illinois learners and educators through local partnerships in order to enhance educational opportunities.

Every learner will validate academic accomplishments and be ready for achievement after high school.

Credit Recovery Courses and Full Service

Courses contain learning content that guarantees sufficient instruction, assessments, and practices for schoolchildren to master skills and conceptions. The program is aligned to applicable educational standards and is accepted by the NCAA and College Board. Subjects have been coded based on the State Course Codes and rigor points as part of the Illinois State Course System (ISCS). State-certified, highly competent educators facilitate each IVS course.

The Credit Recovery courses are all proficiency-based. These courses are developed for schoolchildren who failed the course the first time and need to retake the subject with IVS to recover credit. State certified instructors manage the courses.

Online Professional Development

IVS also proposes merged, self-paced, and teacher/facilitator-led training possibilities to instructors across the state of Illinois.

Advantages of Teaching Online with IVS

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) aims to expand the access and prospect of distance learning to all pupils across Illinois. Its commitment and passion, motivating, encouraging and supporting pupils are shared among all of the team members. The association carries on growing and invites pupils to grow with them. The school personnel encourages you to explore other remunerations of joining the IVS family.

Supplemental Online Solutions for Schools

Can IVS Meet the Students’, Families’, and Schools’ Needs?

IVS offers schoolchildren access to:

Course content and instruction built within the Learning Management System (LMS). This includes 24/7 access and sustenance of a qualified teacher.

  • Timetables that provide flexibility through adaptable start times and summer school options.
  • Credit Recovery prospects for learners to complete the credits on time.
  • Subjects, which are not obtainable by their state schools, such as Advanced Placement, enrichment courses or world languages.

Courses Pricing at IVS

FULL-SERVICE VIRTUAL COURSES — $190 ($175 for 20+)

Online, teacher-facilitated courses

  • 147 courses (23 Advanced Placement semester subjects)
  • IL Certified, Experienced, Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Flexible Registration Dates-14 terms per year
  • Courses are approved by NCAA and College Board.


The course is adapted to the student’s needs and is aimed to identify a pupil’s area of deficiency and provide necessary knowledge accompanied by rigorous work.

How Does IVS Work?

  • IVS is a virtual supplement program:
  • It is not a diploma-granting school.
  • Partners with the local schools to provide virtual courses to their students. IVS also operates with parents who are homeschooling their children.
  • IVS courses are documented as transfer credit on the pupil’s official high school transcript.
  • Identify a pupil’s area of deficiency, and then produces a learning plan of competencies for the schoolchild.

IVS Courses Pricing

Courses are sanctioned by NCAA and the College Board.


Ran by an Illinois certified lecturer responsible for grading acknowledged key assessments and completing the pupil.

IVS courses are recorded as transfer credit on the student’s official high school transcript.


Completion Rate Records for Full-Service Courses

Completion Rate is identified by the number of pupils earning 60% or over divided by the number of enrolled pupils in the course. Starting from FY 12, students who drop after the two-week probation period or fail to earn 10% (non-starters) are not included in the evaluation of the Completion Rate.

2013 – 2014 92% completion rate

2012 — 2013 90% completion rate

2011 – 2012 90% completion rate

2010 – 2011 92% completion rate

The number of students earning 60% or more and showing completion of all prescribed assignments calculates completion Rate. The completion rate for FY 14 was 49%

85% of the topmost 20 Illinois Schools* partner with IVS, as reported in the US News and World Report (2015)