Georgia Virtual School (GAVS)

The GAVS has been offering high schools and schoolchildren alternatives and possibilities to add-on state and private school subject offerings starting from 2005. GAVS provides lessons during the ordinary academic year as well as offering a summer school program based on tuition.

Georgia Online Learning shared materials that program offers — quality educational content accessible for any person as open learning resources.

Georgia Virtual School is a distance learning school originated by the Georgia Department of Education and is intended to serve high school pupils around the state. The program is fully accredited by SACS and CITA. Since its foundation in 2005, over 15,000 schoolchildren have received credit in their area schools by taking such varied offerings as AP Music Theory, Oceanography, and Chinese language.

Based on the U.S. Distance Learning Association, over one million schoolchildren are taking at least one lesson online, and approximately 40 states have founded state-wide or state-led online schools. In the GAV School program, state-certified instructors guide pupils through each course on a customary semester speed. The classes are available online whenever necessary. Achievement rates meet or surpass the scores of state on both the state-run End of Course Tests and the Advanced Placement examinations. Learners who have passed a Georgia Virtual course usually say their virtual class was the finest grounding they had for university-level work.


Online courses work for a wide range of pupil learning methods through cooperating and appealing learning content that is planned for best training and flexibility. Georgia Virtual School is a project of the Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction. The project is SACS CASI credited and collaborates with parentages and schools to provide high school level courses within the state. Virtual School offers a lecturer led, computer-generated classroom atmosphere. GAVS has more than 100-course offers. Student’s alternatives and prospects are not restricted by the school locality in which he lives or the school he attends.

Credit Recovery in GAVS

The Credit Recovery Program is a chance for a schoolchild to retake a subject which he failed earlier before graduation. Credit Recovery courses are intended to have an adapted schedule and are not assisted by an instructor. Alternatives enable learners who have completed seat time to gain credit based on the efficiency of the content standards.

Subjects are broad and designed in accordance with state-run standards. Pupils will show mastery prior to being graded. The Credit Recovery course offers core subjects and electives essential for completion of a Georgia high school. Whereas the course is provided free of charge to joining Georgia public school learners for all first-time registrations, the local institution will sustain a re-enrollments fee, which may be passed on to schoolchildren. The Georgia Credit Recovery Program is currently available to Georgia private schoolchildren for a fee.

Registration Procedures

Schoolchildren who wish to take a class or more from the GVS program are obliged to have permission from their state school facilitator to be certain the course is fitting for the learner’s timetable.

Guideline for Parents

Georgia V courses are demanding and are educated by qualified instructors. Pupils who attend these online classes often score exceeding the regional average on the Georgia End of Course Tests and on the Advanced Placement examinations. Close relatives can log in to student’s online rating book to observe advancement during the learning period and will get phone calls and emails with mark updates on a weekly basis. Educators keep constant interaction with parents via messages and calls.

Program Offerings

A wide-ranging choice of subjects is provided at the state high school level. The distance education school provides over 100-course options in the principal content areas, foreign languages, and a wide AP course range.

School Requirements

Pupils who wish to take a distance course should know that Georgia Virtual courses are laborious. Homework will be due every Friday with little permission for a late submission. These classes are aimed at for self-disciplined, determined schoolchildren.


Georgia Virtual School subject points are updated each week and entered to transcripts at the end of each semester. Both children and parents are permitted to access the online course grade book. A computerized message system informs parents about a child’s progress by correspondence weekly.

The virtual courses are designed in a way that apparently affords many of the maintenances generally identified in personalized plans, such as:

  • Face-to-face availability to the instructor
  • opportunity to preview subject content
  • possibilities for teaching based on a diversity of teaching styles
  • a flexible study timetable, with a permanent, weekly due date through the year
  • pacing timetables delineating daily tasks to keep pupils systematized and punctual
  • availability for parents and tutors to easily observe individual learner progress
  • adapted and detailed feedback for pupil studies
  • ability to utilize classes content, resources, and tests when required to revise and get ready for graded tasks and exams

Illustrations of adjustments contributing to the online setting include:

  • prolonged time on programmed assessments
  • additional attempt on exams and tests
  • consistent interaction amid parents and lecturers
  • clear, stable rules and anticipations
  • use of structural devices, such as schedules or checklists