Florida Virtual School

Virtual Education in Florida

The vast majority of online learners in Florida attended four-year institutions in 2015, with only 6 percent enrolled at two-year schools. The Distance Education State Almanac 2017 also noted that 69 percent of online students attended public institutions and 82 percent were enrolled at schools with at least 10,000 students.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) was originated in 1997 as the pioneer nationwide online public local school in the US. In 2000, FLVS was documented by the Florida Legislature as a self-governing educational entity. FLVS delivers online education to Floridian students starting from Kindergarten until state school completion. As stated by its webpage, «FLVS is part of the secondary education system of Florida and serves learners in all 67 its localities. Florida VS assists pupils, schools, and areas throughout the country by tuition-based teaching and program establishment.

School History

The school was originated as a groundbreaking initiative that pursued the exploration of schooling programs based on virtual schooling. In 1996, the Florida Department of Education granted two regions with funding assets. The governmental project grant was awarded to Florida Virtual Schools to turn into the US’s first statewide distance public high school. Following a preparatory period of half a year, the school initialized its work with 77 pupils in August 1997. As the previous president of the institution recalls, there were no certain rules neither roadmap for founders to follow as the institute was launched. Throughout its primary years, it was financed as a line item in the national financial plan.

The program had reached 24,000 half-credit registrations by 2003 and grew into part of the Education Finance Program of Florida (FEFP). Thus; it became the pioneer school to bond learner performance straight to funding via the reports of children’s positive half-credit accomplishments. Then, Online School also set up its franchise course in-state by establishing partnerships with various school areas all around Florida. By 2013, FLVS franchise projects already functioned in 47 districts.

FLVS is at present united with all 67 areas. In addition, it has been monitored as a world-wide model for remote education missions. During the 2012-2013 academic year, FLVS had 410,962 half-credit, term accomplishments.

Learning programs


In Florida, the FLVS region proposes many options to schoolchildren, and for local citizens at no cost. FLVS Flex permits pupils from all types of schools to register on a per-course base with methodical registrations open throughout the year. Learners can select courses with FLVS Flex to enhance present education or as part of a homeschooling program. Since credits are transferred to the pupil’s local high school transcript, they are not given a diploma from FLVS. The online subject catalog contains more than 150 subjects. The catalog contains fundamental subjects, global languages, electives, with Advanced Placement courses. NCAA approved all main courses.

Full-Time Online Schools

FLVS Full Time is a full-time distance state school in Florida, which offers computer-generated instruction for pupils of all grades. Online school functions on a customary 180-day academic calendar. In May 2013, the FLVS celebrated the school completion of its initial group that comprised 250 high school graduates. These children were the pioneers to obtain documentation from FLVS Full Time.

School Program of FLVS

FLVS provides coaching, proficiency development, and virtual resources to instructors both worldwide and in Florida. The school includes the sustenance of Virtual Learning Labs and Blended Educational Communities around the state. FLVS sustains online educational labs and blended schooling communities throughout the state. These curriculums include practices from the computer-generated learning atmosphere into a conservative classroom, with online and tutor provided teaching, sustenance, and regulation within school PC labs.

County Virtual Schools

FLVS is also a legal provider for numerous districts. Due to the franchise program, localities can use FLVS coursework with resident area instructors. Schools can accept FLVS as an option to help in minimizing classroom size, to deliver subjects that are not obtainable to offer at definite schools, to let students speed up, or to help remedial pupils who wish to be on grade level. Moreover, FLVS offers a flexible education surrounding children with health or behavior conditions or for those engaging in activities such as sports or arts.

Global Virtual School

FLVS Global School proposes lessons of all grades on a tuition basis to pupils living outside Florida. Global Virtual School pupils may opt to receive a US state school diploma online through a partner The Cottage School.

School Funding

Subsidized by the FEFP, full-time equivalent (FTE) pupils at FLVS are distinguished by successful course completion and presentation – in contrast to «seat time» in habitual schooling.

The novel funding procedure provides FLVS a share of the FTE for each state school learner and is based on the number of virtual courses taken. FLVS gets fewer subsidies for pupils who take classes through locality franchises. In the academic year 2012-2013, the FLVS finance per FTE was $5,195.18.

FLVS is free for local students. Learners outside Florida can take the subjects on a tuition basis. The fee for a semester course is $400 and $800 for a 2-semester course. There is a supplementary $25 per semester fee for AP courses.


  • Finalist in 2014 Codie rewards in three categories
  • 2013 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Staff Development
  • 2013 Return on Education (ROE) Innovation Award
  • Legislation

FLVS functions under the supervision of a Board of Trustees in line with Florida Statute (s. 228.082, F.S.). It obliges all secondary school pupils to study a distance course before graduation. All pupils from Florida are entitled to take virtual courses through FLVS and cannot be deprived of this alternative.