Broward Virtual School

The mission of the Virtual School

BVS is dedicated to promoting an individualized schooling model via novel instruction and progressing educational expertise to prepare young learners for university and professional realization. The Broward Virtual School education will provide pupils with an adapted, demanding and involving teaching model via a technology-driven, collaborative arrangement.


During the course years, learners in all grade levels have achieved their educational aims from the virtual instruction as well as e-learning model that the school provided. The fact is pupils all over Florida have joined virtual courses since 1997— a couple of years after the World Wide Web was presented to the country. In 2001, Broward County Public Schools became the first school area to become a partner of Florida Virtual School. This exclusive cooperation united the adaptability of virtual schooling with serious local backing. The outcomes surpassed anticipations. By 2004, Broward County graduates were the first to get a high school diploma exclusively online in the US.

BVS is a Broward County state School. Broward Virtual School has served Broward District pupils proudly since 2001. The curriculum of the school is an online training program for K-12 learners. Broward is a school that gives parents and schoolchildren an opportunity that uses a collaborating educational environment available via technology and the Internet. Pupils can be detached from their instructors by time or space.

Currently, BVS’s personnel includes approximately 100 specialists committed to offering pupils individualized education. More than 11,000 Broward County schoolchildren successfully finalized a course with BVS in 2017-18. Apart from providing pupils with high-quality learning practices, the school prepares schoolchildren for virtual education in colleges, universities, the military, and the labor force. All prospects of post-secondary alternatives obtainable by a high school graduate consist of online education and cooperation. The tendencies are apparent—virtual learning is growing exponentially. Overall, BVS offers pupils a comprehensive preparation for their future lives.


Broward Virtual School proposes full-time admittance to schoolchildren in grades K-12 via an online scholastic delivery system. Homeschooling kids in grades 6-12 may also register part-time. BVS offers reasonable access to the best quality, personalized education, by means of the Internet and other distance education technologies. Computer-generated learning provides convenient flexibility of time and locality and encourages the expansion of the skills, approaches, as well as self-control, which is essential to achieve success these days. BVS has steadily earned an «A» rating for outstanding schoolchild achievement from the Florida Department of education.

BVS educators and tutors are sensitive to the varied needs of Broward County pupils. The graduates move on to attend different colleges around the country. Being a state conventional school, BVS does not charge tuition fees.

Extracurricular activities and clubs

To develop the online school experience for learners, BVS offers a number of extracurricular activities to provide teenagers with possibilities to collaborate with their tutors and peers. The «face-to-face» extracurricular activities include:

  • National Honor Society membership (for succeeding students)
  • National Junior Honor Society membership (for qualifying students)
  • Academic contests
  • Formal graduation ceremony for seniors
  • College planning seminars
  • Field trips
  • Key Club

Broward Virtual School is a franchise project partner of FVS for a secondary school program. BVS is now the top-performing FVS franchise in Florida. BVS cooperated with K12 Inc.for its elementary school program. Under the BVS program, parents have an opportunity to select courses carried out by Broward educators, K12 instructors, or FVS educators. As a constituent of Broward County’s School Board, BVS is fully accredited by AdvancED. BVS functions under the provisions of Florida Statutes 1002.37 and 1002.45.


Schoolchildren may enroll the Broward Virtual School’s program 7004 (grades 6-12) starting from May 1 till September 21. Learners can register at Broward Virtual School’s K12 VIP program (grades K-8) from April 21 till August 21. Admission in the K12 program must finish 30 days before the first day of school. Electronic correspondence is handed to schoolchildren outlining online training plan alternatives. Close relatives concerned about selecting the right educational choice for their child can address during the admission gaps. Admission periods for the other three virtual schooling programs are directed by specific programs.

Broward County Public Schools are dedicated to providing a harmless training and educational surrounding for pupils, personnel, and community members. BVS pupils are expected to obey the District’s Code of Student Conduct. It puts an emphasis on supporting a safe instructive environment to guarantee an educational success. The CSC sets the principles of behavior expected of schoolchildren in which the values of care, fairness, acceptance of diversity, and respect for the other’s rights are estimated. It also focuses on the role of the parents, the pupils, and addresses fundamental values and model schoolchild behavior, rights, duties, and disciplinary measures.


Pupils with handicaps are not constrained from involvement in the full-time curriculum. Current Individual Education Plans (IEP) of candidates who meet the enrollment criteria will be assessed on a personal basis in order to regulate the correctness of the online schooling option. Parents should be part of the IEP evaluation process. Per the Florida Department of Education rules, District online schools are choice alternatives and are not obligatory to completely modify their syllabus to meet the needs of every schoolchild with a handicap.

Success Evaluation:

  • Pupil accomplishment is measured by the Florida Standards Assessments, course examinations, high school completion rates, post-secondary preparation, and learner participation in national examinations
  • Obedience with Florida Statutes governing K-12 public schooling, pupil advancement, and graduation necessities
  • Compliance with Florida Statutes concerning educator and administrator assessment systems


Parent/authorized caretaker documentation must be confirmed when learner records converse. The parent/legal caretaker should provide credentials for activities concerning registration, withdrawals, and changed address or phone numbers. Only the guardian or parent who enrolled the pupil may withdraw or transfer the learner.


An assessment of each pupil will be carried out at the end of each semester to define their continued admission eligibility. To keep continuous registration at the school, a pupil must:

  1. Get marks of C or higher in every subject
  2. Take part in all state-run testing
  3. Preserve steady pacing in every subject to meet all closing dates and attendance figures
  4. Interconnect steadily and effectively with educators
  5. Honor all guidelines and procedures set by BVS for pupil conduct, educational integrity, and netiquette
  6. Get necessary credits to be upheld to the next grade level and graduate in 4 years or less
  7. Keep adequate reading skills on or beyond grade level
  8. Those pupils who fail to meet the lowest maintenance standards will be withdrawn and suggested a list of options to meet their academic goals in a different place.